There is a strong link between nutrition and fertility

What a woman (and her partner) eats before conception plays a significant role in many parts of the pregnancy journey.

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Understand how to adopt nutritional habits proven to optimise your fertility.

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Flexitarian diet for fertility?

A ‘flexitarian’ diet is one that includes a balance of animal and plant proteins. Plant proteins are very popular at the moment and for very good reason. They have many health benefits, providing many nutrients, fibre, and antioxidants. They have also been shown to decrease ovulatory infertility.

However, it’s important to be selective when you plan to mix up your meal prep. Just as we know that ultra-processed foods don’t support healthy gut bacteria (or a healthy planet!), we need to remember that this may include the heavily promoted lab-created fake meats and highly processed and refined plant protein powders.

Minimally-processed whole food plant proteins are the way to go. Want some ideas? These include beans, legumes and lentils, nuts and seeds, and tofu and tempeh. Nutritious, affordable, and fertility-supporting goodness.

Quick facts

about nutrition and fertility

Despite clever marketing that tries to convince us otherwise, there are no specific foods that will help you fall pregnant.

However, from some large population studies we know that there is a pattern of eating that is more likely to improve fertility. This relates to the types of carbs and protein you eat, how you exercise and your weight.

Enrol in our self-paced, online program, Nourish & Nurture Fertility to find out about how to apply these strategies to your lifestyle and preferences.

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Individual consultation or self-paced, online program?

We offer both individual consultations and online, self-paced programs as everyone has different learning styles and budgets. Attending an individual OR an online program with a Lifestyle Maternity dietitian will allow you to assess your diet against recommended guidelines and identify changes that can be tailored to your lifestyle and dietary preferences.

Enrolling in an online, self-paced program is great as a one off or the start to building a relationship with Lifestyle Maternity. We keep things engaging, using interactive activities while learning the essentials of nutrition for fertility. An individual consult involves a more thorough assessment of your dietary and lifestyle patterns with a personalised action plan being developed in collaboration with the dietitian.

Both appointment types give you access to the content from the Lifestyle Maternity members Preconception members’ area  –  Nutrition Essentials for Fertility handouts and worksheets.

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