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Welcome. We look forward to being partners with you at this important time. Our aim is to empower you through education, resources, and support for optimal fertility, a glowing pregnancy, and a happy and balanced first year after birth.

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Our team of professionals has the expertise to support you. Lifestyle Maternity was founded by Associate Professor Shelley Wilkinson.

Nutritional Services

We offer individual appointments and self-paced online programs. These are supplemented with personalised information, resources, and activities to guide you to set goals, track your progress, and brush up on the latest nutrition information.

How we work

Lifestyle Maternity’s Telehealth service is available Australia-wide. We believe everyone should be able to access safe, high level, effective care to support their lifestyle goals on their maternity journey.

Let us introduce ourselves

About Lifestyle Maternity

As well as being the Director and Principal Dietitian of Lifestyle Maternity, Shelley is a service development and redesign expert in the Mater Mothers’ Department of Obstetric Medicine.

Previously, she was a dietitian at the Mater Mothers Hospital for 12 years and before that, a clinical dietitian across a number of Brisbane and UK hospitals. She is an Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences.

Shelley is recognised as a leading Australian researcher in maternal health and in implementation science. Her research program aims to improve the health of mothers and babies by increasing the nutrition capacity and capabilities of maternity services and clinicians to provide the best nutritional care to women during and after pregnancy.

Find out more about Shelley’s publications.

How it all came to be…

Prioritising Women’s Health

The idea for Lifestyle Maternity was conceived during monthly water-running sessions (read: debriefs and coffee catch ups) with long term friend and colleague, Dr Terri South. Dr Terri, a dual qualified GP and dietitian, is the Director of Lifestyle Metabolic. Dr Shelley and Dr Terri wanted to create practices that educated, supported and empowered women to better health and wellness through lifestyle change. With strongly aligned values, the sister practices prioritise evidence-based innovation with a firm focus of client-centred care.

Meet our Director and Founder

Associate Professor Shelley Wilkinson

Shelley is passionate about helping women and couples achieve their goal of starting a family through optimising their health to improve their fertility, their pregnancy, and beyond.

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Lifestyle Maternity aims to present the latest research evidence and interesting facts in a practical and relatable way.

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